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Everyone needs a cool Halloween wreath for their front door! You can make this easy eyeball one in no time.

When it comes to Halloween decorations, my kids are usually all about it … with some limitations. There are plenty of things that they would really get scared about. I know this because of the many times during trick-or-treating over the years and the countless homes we did not approach simply because of what was lurking in the yard or perfectly poised on the porch. So, we keep it pretty simple at our house. At least, for now, while they’re still young. Since that’s the case, we include them on any decorating decisions we make. They even get to help make the ones that we so craftily do ourselves. This wreath, for instance, is something we were able to create together. It’s very simple to do and you can use your imagination to make some modifications if needed, too. It could make for a final decoration just before Halloween, too.

What You Need
Black fabric
White balloons
Glow-in-the-dark Duck Tape
Wax Paper
Black permanent marker
Red marker

What You Do

  1. Cut out a circle from your cardboard.
  2. Blow up lots of white balloons, but only blow them up a little bit.
  3. Tie them around the cardboard circle.
  4. Wrap the black fabric around the white balloons.
  5. Cut circles out of the glow-in-the-dark Duck Tape. I found it easier to do this if you stuck the tape to wax paper. Then it doesn’t stick to your scissors and you can remove the backing like you would a sticker.
  6. Stick the glow-in-the-dark tape to the center of the white balloons.
  7. Draw in black circles on the stickers.
  8. Hang from ribbon on your door.

My kids loved trying to blow up the balloons themselves and were even able to accomplish the task … with a little tying help from me. My oldest loved figuring out how to wrap the black cloth around the cardboard circle, too. Encouraging her along, I reminded her that it didn’t have to be perfect. It was all in the fun of creating it. Once she was done, she was excited to move on to completing the eyeballs. I had to attach them to the wreath myself as that step proved to be a little more difficult for my young kids.

Now that we have created a unique eyeball Halloween wreath, we were ready to hang it on the front door. After allowing the porch light to charge up the glow-in-the-dark tape we used on the pupils of the eyes, I took the kids outside, turned off the light and showed them what the glowing effect left on the wreath. They sure were excited to see what it was doing. Be sure to give it plenty of light for it to work if your door doesn’t get direct sunlight during the day.

  • Nashville Parent Directories: Eyeball Halloween Wreath

    Cut out a circle from cardboard.

  • Nashville Parent Directories: Eyeball Halloween Wreath

    Blow up some white balloons just a little bit (not all the way).

  • Nashville Parent Directories: Eyeball Halloween Wreath

    Tie as many as you want to the cardboard circle.

  • Nashville Parent Directories: Eyeball Halloween Wreath

    Wrap and fluff the black fabric around the balloons.

  • Nashville Parent Directories: Eyeball Halloween Wreath

    Putting Duck Tape on wax paper helps you cut it easier.

  • Nashville Parent Directories: Eyeball Halloween Wreath

    Cut out circles from glow-in-the-dark Duck Tape and stick them to the balloons. Color in a black circle, too.

  • Nashville Parent Directories: Eyeball Halloween Wreath

    Your eyes will glow in the dark!

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