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With all the wonderful children's titles for fall books 2013, your kids should be reading like crazy!

Books for Little Ones

Frog Trouble: and Eleven Other Pretty Serious Songsfrog-trouble
by Sandra Boynton and Michael Ford
Workman Publishing | All ages | $ TBA
This book is set to be released on Tuesday, Sept. 3.
Boynton’s colorful illustrations come to life with her songs as you sing along with this book and accompanying CD. It’s a way to read short stories in a songful tune. The CD features several top country performing artists like Alison Krauss, Dwight Yoakam, Brad Paisley and more. Parents and children are sure to enjoy them both! If you like this one, then check out Philadelphia Chickens: and 17 1/2 Other Highly Unlikely Songs.

Ma! There’s Nothing to Do Here! A Word from Your Baby-in-WaitingMA
by Barbara Park; illustrated by Viviana Garofoli
Random House Children’s Books | Ages 2 – 5 | $7.99
It may seem a bit weird at first, but this board book is actually quite cute. It’s a great way to read to little ones who are soon expecting a baby sister or brother to let them know what’s going on (from a baby’s point of view) inside mommy’s tummy. It’s a happy book with simple, but fun, illustrations.

DC Super Friends: Little Golden Book FavoritesDC Super Friends
Random House Children’s Books | Ages 2 – 5 | $6.99
Little Golden Books has put together a little collection of stories for little super hero kids featuring Batman!, Superman! and Big Heroes! With the big push for super hero movies lately, why not get the little ones interested with books geared toward them? It’s a great way to start a collection.

The House at the End of Ladybug LaneHouse Ladybug lane
by Elise Primavera; illustrated by Valeria Docampo
Robin Corey Books | Ages 4 – 8 | $16.99
Growing up in a family where everything is tidy, her wish for a pet seems to go unfulfilled. Follow a little girl on her unusual adventure as a magical ladybug tries to give her just what she wants. These bright pictures are filled with loads of characters, so there’s lots to look at and enjoy.

PinwheelPinwheel: Let the Fun Begin with Every Spin
by Salina Yoon | Little, Brown & Company/LB Kids | Ages 3 – 6 | $12.99
Interactive books are great to encourage kids to read. This book is a kaleidoscope of bright colors and eye-catching patterns. Every other turning page has a spinning wheel to reveal a moving, colorful scene.

ChameliaChamelia and the New Kid in Class
by Ethan Long | Little, Brown and Company | Ages 3 – 6 | $16.99
When a student thinks she’s top of the class, her world is thrown through a loop when a new kid comes to town. Follow Chamelia as she learns to stop being the center of attention and makes a new friend. It’s a cute story that goes perfectly with young school children. The illustrations are light and fun, too.

A Long Way AwayA Long Way Away: A Two-Way Story
by Frank Viva | Little, Brown and Company | Ages 3 – 6 | $16.99
Strikingly contrasting pictures take this book on a different direction — and in TWO ways! The first change of this interesting book is that the pages are turned a different way from a normal style of reading. As you read the single or double words as you turn the pages, you find that in the end, you can reverse the story and read those same words backwards! Making it an entirely different story!

Older Kids


The Land of Stories, The Enchantress Returns
by Chris Colfer; Illustrated by Brandon Dorman | Little, Brown and Company | Ages 8 and older | $18
A pair of twins explores the amazing fairy tale world in this second book of the new series that’s captivating kids everywhere. Here’s what happens to them when their mother is kidnapped!


Out of My Mind
by Sharon M. Draper | Simon & Schuster | Ages 10 – 13 | $7.99
This special needs story will open your child’s heart: Look inside the mind of a child with cerebral palsy and discover the yearning and brilliance as she finds a way to communicate.



Star Wars: Jedi Academy
by Jeffrey Brown | Scholastic | Ages 8 and older | $12.99
Star Wars love isn’t going away and only will only be strengthening as Disney prepares to launch the new movie in the summer of 2015.  In this graphic novel, kids can learn what jedi training is all about.


by R. J. Palacio | Knopf Doubleday Publishing | Ages 8 – 12 | $15.99
We are all different and yet as a people we are continuously judging one another. Here’s a magnificent story about the courageous journey of a boy with a facial difference who enters a typical school setting.

Crafting Books

The-Artful-ParentThe Artful Parent: Simple Ways to Fill Your Family’s Life with Art & Creativity
by Jean Van’t Hul | Roost Books | $21.95
Learn how to have fun in the kitchen, exploring nature outside or how to seek out inspiration for making arts and crafts with the family. Kids will enjoy the simple crafts in this book that is filled with more than 60 activity crafts geared for ages 1 – 8.

ArticlesFly Origami Fly: 35 Amazing Flying Objects to Fold in an Instant
by Mari Ono and Roshin Ono | CICO Books | $19.95
Take paper airplanes to a whole new level with this super cool book filled with easy (but some difficult ones, too) folding techniques and 50 sheets of very colorful origami paper. It’s a fun way to start any kid on learning how to make origami.

Puppet PlayPuppet Play: 20 Puppet Projects Made with Recycled Mittens, Towels, Socks and More
by Diana Schoenbrun | Andrews McMeel Publishing | $14.99
Did you know that you can make a puppet out of just about any cloth item found in your home? Those old sweaters? Cut a sleeve off and you’ve got the start of a cool puppet. The possibilities are endless and her instructions are easy to follow.

Re-CraftRe-Craft: Unique Projects that Look Great (and Save the Planet)
by Jen Jones and Carol Sirrine | Capstone Press | $12.95
Along side some recycling tips, this book is full of cool and funky ways to restyle old stuff that can be reused. So, don’t throw away those magazines, cans, etc. Recycle what you don’t want and make crafts with the rest. There are also some crafts made from found items in the yard. So, while cleaning up, be thinking about what you can make with a small pile of twigs, those colorful leaves and more.


Parenting Books

Get-Your-Kids-Hiking-Book-Cover-e1363578763357Get Your Kids Hiking
by Jeff Alt | Beaufort Books | $13.95
While spring is a prime time to get outdoors after winter doldrums, the fall season is perfect to get outside and explore. Alt — a daddy of two — presents fun ways to hit the trails with your kids, and we agree with him: start ’em young! — cy

Raising a Self-Reliant Child
by Alanna Levine, M.D. | Ten Speed Press | $15.99
Are you a helicopter parent in danger of boomerang children? This savvy read might convince you that doing everything for your kids (ages 6 and younger) might backfire. Encouraging self-sufficiency within your children is important. — cyselfreliantchild

9780965260329.inddSuper Baby Food
by Ruth Yaron | F.J. Roberts Publishing | $19.95
Starting your baby on solids is no doubt a task that comes with a lot of questions and concerns. Yaron’s thorough book is expansive and is a must-have for parents. From fruits and veggies and whole grains, the author also covers common food allergies. — cy

The-Common-Sense-Guide-to-Your-Child’s-198x297The Common Sense Guide to Your Child’s Special Needs
by Louis Pellegrino, M.D. | Brooks Publishing | $24
When you have a child who has difficulties with developmental milestones, this book, authored by a pediatrician, can help. Instead of being organized by disability names, this book presents info based on key developmental milestones and addresses issues like speech and language development, motor skills, daily living skills, cognitive development, vision, hearing and sensory processing, and more. — cy

parentbackpackThe Parent Backpack for Kindergarten Through Grade 5
by ML Nichols | Ten Speed Press | $12
Let’s face it. School can stink for your kids and for you! Want some help in dealing with the daunting education system? This read is for you. Learn how to support your kid’s education, handle the homework overload, support your struggling learner and help him thrive. — cy


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