Crafting: My Family (Hand) Tree

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Create your family tree by making a family of trees! This craft will bring the family together for some messy fun.

The month of November has more and more people thinking about family. November is the start of the big family gatherings in our family, too. Coming from a HUGE family, and all still living pretty close to each other, we spend every holiday together. When you think family tree with our family, you’ve really got to think about the biggest tree with the most branches in order to have room for each family member. But, that’s not what I’m writing about today.

I’m talking about MY family. My little family that I’ve been nurturing along. My little family that keeps me going no matter how much they drain my “battery.” LOL. We do lots of things together, but sometimes I wish we could do even more. I have plenty of days where I just want my children to hide away in their rooms and find something to do that doesn’t involve me. That’s not neglect! That’s doesn’t make me a bad mom. That just makes me normal. There are days where my kids feel the same about me! LOL.

But, when we do have a day where we are enjoying the company of one another happily, we do get to accomplish something fun … however minimal it may be. This craft that I present to you is easy and fun and EVERYONE joins in on the mess. Yep, it’s a mess, so just suck it up, put down some newspaper and get the paints and paper out.

On a big sheet of paper, we took turns going one by one from oldest to youngest and making our own painted hand tree. We let our daughter paint her daddy’s hand and wrist brown. He then placed it at the beginning of the piece of paper. He then had to complete his tree by dipping his fingers in the other colors to dab onto the paper for leaves. Then it was my turn. We kept taking turns painting the others’ hand and wrist to make the trunk and branches of the tree. Once we were done, we had our family tree there. All grouped in its own little forest. Even the most uncrafty family member can enjoy this little bit of fun.

Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of two rambunctious kids and a new baby!

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