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Best Birthdays


It’s time for fun, fun, fun till your Daddy takes your sucker away! Birthdays are better than ever when you try something new with your kids. Explore and enjoy what we’ve found. SIX FUN PARTY OUTINGS Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari 452 E. Christmas Blvd., Santa Claus, IN 47579 877-463-2645 The park opens this… Read more »

Socialization and Your Baby


Play groups and classes offer young children a different type of interaction from that of the home setting. Observation and imitation of peers are key to helping your baby develop her social skills.

Better Eaters at Home


We polled top chefs and dieticians to discover smarter ways to help you bring less fat and better taste to your family cooking.

How to Raise Happy Kids


Having a child makes you want to be a good parent, but without instructions, what’s a Mom or Dad to do? Here are some helpful tips to raising happy kids.

Fitness for Kids


When even your kids are tired of looking at the screen all day, it’s time to get involved in a fun fitness class to keep their bodies healthy and fit.

Give the Morning to Your Kids


Getting kids out the door in the morning is no easy feat. If you’re doing most of the tasks yourself – discover ways to turn the morning over to THEM!