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Kid’s Health & Safety

Expose Kids to Allergens Early, Doctor Says


Here’s an interesting way of looking at allergy relief: early exposure to allergens. Contrary to previous theories, many pediatricians now recom­mend exposing children to po­tential allergens – particularly food allergens — early in life as a prevention method. “I now tell my patients’ families to intro­duce common food allergens, such as peanut butter, as soon… Read more »

Swim Lessons


Summer’s here and the pools are open! Start the new swim season off right with swim lessons for your child.

2016 USDA Dietary Guidelines


They say kids are what they eat. The USDA’s new guidelines don’t really hold any big surprises, but you can still make improvements on what you give your family.

Type 1 Diabetes in Kids


More than 600,000 people live with diabetes in Tennessee, many of them children. Here’s a look at what it’s like for a child to live with Type I.