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Kid’s Health & Safety

Fitness for Kids


When even your kids are tired of looking at the screen all day, it’s time to get involved in a fun fitness class to keep their bodies healthy and fit.

Cyber Bully Strategies


Texting and hanging out on various social media sites — parents not welcome — makes it seemingly impossible to be your child’s cyber shield. Here’s how to help keep her safe.

“Watchful Waiting”: New Ear Tube Guidelines


Nearly 670,000 ear tube surgeries are done on children under age 15 annually. It is the most common outpatient surgery performed on kids in the U.S., says the National Center for Health Statistics. By age 3, nearly one in 15 kids have received tubes.

Detecting Anxiety in Kids


Got a worry wart? You’re not alone. Plenty of kids fret about things large and small — just like adults can. It’s hard on you, tho, when you’re not able to comfort your child. Worse, if your child has some kind of anxiety disorder. Too much anxiety can interfere with healthy development. Learn how to… Read more »