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Didn't you know that mini flower pots are the perfect base for a snowman ornament!? No skills required, only a little imaginative fun with paint.

When it comes to making some sort of Christmas or holiday craft, usually it’s done with something you bought to make it with. However, that’s not always the case. You can always find something somewhere around your house to create a craft out of. Take a mini flower pot for instance. I bought them a long time ago for some flower seeds my kids wanted to plant. We never got around to planting them in the tiny pots after we put what we wanted in the garden. So, they’ve been sitting in the laundry room collecting dust. I decided to give them another purpose altogether … a snowman ornament.

Yep, these little pots make the perfect little breakable ornament for your Christmas tree. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

Snowman Ornament

What You Need
Mini terra-cotta flower pot
white and orange paint
any other color paint for your scarf
black puff paint
strip of ribbon
glitter glue
paint brush

What You Do
• Paint the entire flower pot white, except for the brim or lip of the pot.
• Paint the brim the color you picked out for his scarf.
• Once it’s dry, use the black puff paint to add eyes and a mouth.
• Add little specs of glitter glue around the scarf for a little sparkle here and there.
• After it has all completely dried, take your strip of ribbon end to end and tie a knot. Send the loop through the hole to give your snowman head something to hang with.

Once it was done, I realized that you can also tie a bell to the ribbon inside the flower pot … turning it into a snowman bell ornament. Anyway you make it, it’s sure to be cute!

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