Halloween Crafts

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You can turn just about anything into a Halloween Craft to decorate your home this year. Look what you can do with balloons, peanut cans and glass marbles.

When you’re done with the treats in your cans or tins, don’t throw them out!

No matter what shape the tin is, you can still turn it into a pumpkin. Square pumpkins are in because of the Spookles story. LOL.

These crafts may require some help from Mom or Dad, too.



What You Need
Empty peanut (or similar) can, orange craft paper, scissors, glue, knife, battery operated tea light

What You Do
• Clean out peanut can.
• Cut off a strip of orange craft paper that fits the width of your tin and is long enough to wrap around it.
• Glue paper onto the can and allow to dry completely.
• Parents: carefully “carve” out the eyes, nose and mouth of can with a knife.
• Insert tea light and replace the lid.

craft_Eyeball Wreath


What You Need
Foam circle, push pins for the wreath, black fabric, ribbon, white balloons, glow-in-the-dark duct tape, red and black permanent markers

What You Do
• Loop and wrap black fabric around the foam circle.
• Blow up white balloons just a little and tie, then take the end of the balloon and stick it to the wreath with a push pin.
• Cut out circles from glow-in-the-dark tape and stick them to the center of the balloons. Color in the center with the black and add veins with the red.
• Hang with a ribbon.



What You Need
Big glass drop marbles, permanent marker, orange paint, paper plate, sheet of paper

What You Do
• On the flat side of the glass marble, draw on a cute (or scary) face with permanent marker.
• Pour out a small portion of orange paint onto paper plate.
• Dip the flat side of the marble into the orange paint.
• Flip your marble over (flat side up) onto a sheet of paper and allow the paint to dry.

Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of two rambunctious kids and a new baby!

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