A Happy Melted Mistake

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When kids are in the mix and you're making a craft, there's bound to be a mistake. Here's an example of a happy mistake.

We make a lot of crafts at our house … if you haven’t already noticed. Most of the time they are carefully planned out crafts that we sit down together to do. Crafts that require step-by-step instructions to complete.

I won’t deny it … there are many times when I just wish my kids did NOT want to join in on my crafting fun. Times when I’m doing something that requires my full attention and that they can’t help with. So, as I sit there carefully assembling a piece, my youngest grabs the hot glue and starts squirting it all over the paper.

Wouldn’t you know it? He was making his own work of art with hot glue! It really started out as an accident, but then I thought this could be a cool little snowman! So, I showed him how to make three spots in a row and then how to turn that into a snowman after it had cooled. He was super excited about that. Needless to say, the project I was originally working on has been put on the back burner while we continued creating more of our happy melted mistake snowmen!

Want to make some of your own? Here you go:

Melted Hot Glue Snowman

What You Need
Hot glue
black puff paint
orange paint
thin strip of ribbon
white paper
thin tip paintbrush

What You Do
• Set your hot glue gun to the lowest setting.
• Drop hot glue onto the white paper in the form of three differently sized circles with them connecting together in a row. You an also drop the glue onto a smooth surface that you can you can easily peel the glue off of.
• Once it has cooled, cut the excess white paper off.
• Tie on your ribbon.
• Use the black puff paint to add eyes, mouth and spots on belly.
• With a paintbrush, you can add a stroke of orange for the nose.

Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of two rambunctious kids and a new baby!

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