Hatch a Giant Spider Egg for Halloween

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Creep your guests out with this giant spider egg Halloween craft. It's simple to make and the kids will have fun making them, too!

Want to make something fun and creepy to add to your Halloween decorations? Well, ever since I was little I’ve found spider eggs to be gross. I don’t know why, but they’re definitely not my favorite thing to happen upon. So, why not turn my dislike of the spider egg into a Halloween craft?

It’s very simple to do, and the kids can make their own. All you need is a white balloon, black plastic spiders, string and the white spider webbing that you can get just about anywhere right now.

Blow up a white balloon to it’s fullest capacity. You can now use string, or anything that you want to hang your balloon. We actually used a piece of the webbing and tied it around the part of the balloon you tied shut.

Take the webbing out of the package and carefully unfold it. Be careful not to start stretching it in all different directions, which is what kids can do immediately once they start touching it. You can pull it apart just ever so slightly, though. Once you’ve done that, you can start wrapping it around the balloon. Be careful not to cover the string that you’re going to use to hang the egg. Don’t worry about how to keep it on as it seems to just stick to itself and stay.

Once it’s all covered in the webbing, usually just two wraps do just fine, you can take the rest of the webbing and stretch it over a corner of something or wherever you plan to put the giant spider egg. It can help hide how you actually hang it.

Before you hang your egg, start putting little black spiders all over it. Cluster them in a small part first like it’s the hole they’re crawling out of and then start adding them a little further away from the cluster. Think tiny egg that has just hatched and all the spiders are trying to get out. The plastic spiders will stick to the webbing easy enough, so there’s not need for glue or tape.

Now, you can hang your spider egg for all to see.

Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of two rambunctious kids and a new baby!

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