ICE! is So Cool at Opryland

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Mom Reporter Laura Leach took her family to ICE! Bundle up and take yours, too!


WHO: Laura (Mom), Ian (Dad), Everett (age 7) and Ames (age 3)
WHAT: ICE! at Gaylord Opryland
WHEN: November 9, 2018-January 1, 2019
WHERE: 2800 Opryland Drive, Nashville, TN 37214
INFO: 615-889-1000 or

Everett and Ames exploring ICE!

‘Tis the season for holiday magic and tradition! A visit to ICE! at Gaylord Opryland is a favorite for many families in Nashville and beyond. Our family joined in the fun this year with our first visit to ICE! — a themed ice sculpture attraction. This year, it’s Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and it’s the world of Who-ville re-created entirely of ice. The attraction boasts the use of more than 2 million pounds of the stuff!
    The exhibit is located inside the Gaylord Opryland Convention Center. We arrived on a Sunday just as it opened and had no trouble with lines. Although paid parking is available, we parked on the Opry Mills Mall side of the Convention Center free-of-charge, and walked over, following the ICE! signs.

9-Degree Temps!

Can you guess what Everett wants for Christmas this year?!

You enter ICE! through a large holiday gift shop. In the shop, you get “warmed up” with a short video  describing the making of ICE! Our excited kids could barely wait for the video to end, but a surprise blast of snow rewarded them when it was over.
    We were given a large blue parkas to wear inside ICE!, but don’t be fooled. Even in coats, hats, and gloves we were still chilly; the ice-filled rooms are kept at a freezing 9-degrees!

Sculpted Who-ville

My husband, Ian, and I were very impressed by the ice sculptures.

The ice sculptures are a sight to behold. My kids asked, “Is this made of ice, too?” a thousand times. The sculptors did an amazing job bringing Who-ville to life using such a unique medium.          My husband, Ian, and I were impressed by the ice creations — including a larger-than-life nativity scene as the finale. The kids were mainly interested in the four ice slides. A small one is suitable for young children and larger slides are for older kids and adults. Children must be at least 40” tall and 4-years-old to use the larger slides. Both of our boys slid twice and got a real kick out of watching Mom come down the slide! Sit on your parka for maximum fun.
    Wrap up the attraction in the gift shop. You can buy hot cocoa or coffee, as well as a variety of other snacks and holiday items. 



Ice Skating & Other Attractions

The ICE! experience is quite swift — we were inside the exhibit for about 20 minutes. Outside of the Convention Center, there’s an ice tubing attraction and food trucks. Everything smelled delicious!
    We extended the fun for our boys by walking over to Opryland Hotel to see the beautiful Christmas decorations. While inside, we discovered a public ice-skating rink. Ice skating demonstrations are seen here, too. Along with the rink, there’s a small train ride, a teacup ride, and a gingerbread decorating corner. Tickets for these activities can be purchased at the skating rink, online, or at the holiday ticket counters.

ICE! was a great way for our family to kick off the holiday season. Like Dr. Suess’ Grinch, your heart will grow three-sizes while you experience holiday magic with your family!

If You Go


• Tickets start at $20.99-$29.99 for the ICE! experience.
• Other holiday activity tickets can be purchased separately or bundled with the tickets for ICE!
• Tickets can be purchased in advance online ( to avoid lines.


• Hours vary by day, check to plan your visit


• Paid parking is available or free-of-charge on the Opry Mills Mall side of the convention center.


• With the exception of the slides, ice is accessible to those in wheelchairs


• Stroller parking available outside the attraction or can be used inside the attraction


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