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Cool clocks to help get those sleepy heads out of bed.

Birdie Talking Alarm Clock
by Streamline • $19.95
Tweet, tweet and up you go! This brightly hued alarm clock is simple enough for a child to use. The alarm sound is literally loud tweets! — sd


Bedol Water Clock
by Bedol • • $26
Tic Toc, it’s a very cool water clock! That’s right, this little eco-friendly timepiece runs on water. No batteries or electricity are necessary here. Kids are sure to be enthralled by the science of its operation of metallic plates that allow the ions in the water to generate the current to power the clock. Its sleek design is perfect for your child’s night stand. Choose from five colors: blueberry blue, kiwi green, tangerine orange, plum purple and smoke gray.  — cy


Kid’Sleep Classic
by Claessens’ Kids • $39.99
He’ll wake with the help of this versatile alarm clock — it makes several different sounds like a crowing rooster or chirping bird. The light flips from the sleeping bunny to the up-and-at-’em bunny — letting your youngster know it’s time to get up. It also functions as a night light when plugged into the wall; available in blue or pink. You can also purchase additional interchangeable displays, too!  — ka


Good Morning Tips for Kids

  • set out clothes the night before
  • prepack backpacks the night before
  • go to bed at a reasonable hour
  • get up with your alarm
  • dress before breakfast
  • eat breakfast
  • review in your mind what’s in the day ahead

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