Jo Dee’s in Love

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For this country music star, the love for her child is one that she never knew existed.


jodee.pngJo Dee Messina orders coffee. She’s been up all night with a sick baby and looks like every other exhausted mother who’s paced the floor with a feverish child in her arms – a labor of love. The Grammy nominee and artist voted Billboard magazine’s “Most Played Female on Country Radio” says the biggest surprise in motherhood is, “The kind of love and the amount of love you have for that child. It’s a love I never knew existed. It sounds cliche’, but now I get it. It’s amazing to be in awe of something so tiny.”

How did you feel when you learned you were expecting?
My husband, Chris, and I knew we wanted to have kids but it was always “someday,” so when I found out I was expecting, it was a shock. That’s when I realized I had to give my parents a break because, like us, they were just two people trying to get through life when I showed up. We think parents are supposed to have all the answers, but they don’t. God, don’t let me screw it up too bad!

How was your pregnancy?
I was sleepy, but never nauseous. My biggest sin was green mint ice cream with chocolate chips from Maggie Moos once a week.

How did you choose your sons name?
In the Bible, Noah was ridiculed for building the ark but he followed his faith no matter what everyone else thought. I want my son to have the courage to follow his faith and his beliefs.

Do you keep him on a schedule?
I’m flexible about eating, but I’m strict about sleep. He goes to bed at 8 p.m. every night. The more he sleeps during the day, the better he sleeps at night. The bus leaves according to his sleep schedule; we take flights on his schedule. Everything is scheduled around him.

Whats Noahs favorite toy?
Not a single thing you buy at the store! He loves the broom or the empty paper towel roll.

How is Noah like you?
He’s got a mind of his own; you tell him to leave the dog bowls alone and he’ll look at you, smile, and go right back and touch it!

If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring a few baby things what would they be?
I would bring Scout the Playskool dog that knows Noah’s name, sings songs to him and talks to him. He’s got a Bugaboo Bee stroller, which we love. That thing rules. He’d really want his Baby Einstein videos, too.

Do you want more children?
Ask me after I lose this baby weight!

What values will you try to instill in him?
To put God first, to help others and to be the best person you can be.

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