Kids Don’t Believe Their Parents

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So, with the changing of the way kids are taught in school and all the technology available to them, they are in need of learning how to type sooner than you know … like Grade 2! And it’s not just being able to push the right button. These kids have to learn the correct way to set their hands and using the right fingers to push the right buttons!

When the weekly newsletter came home from my daughter’s class, the teacher asks that we work with our kids on learning how to type. Yeah, my first thought was … when am I going to have time for that!? … and … great, just another thing she won’t listen to me about.

One night, we sat together at the computer and I showed her how to set her hands on the keyboard. Showed her the little dots on the keys that are meant for the pointer fingers. She thought I was crazy! I immediately thought, uh-oh. Are the teachers totally relying on practice at home for learning how to type? The weekly paragraph assignment even asked students to type it for extra credit. Well, we tried the first week. That didn’t work. This second week, however, went much more smoothly.

My daughter wanted to type this new paragraph for her homework extra credit and we set down to do it. She said, “Watch, me. You put your fingers here and this finger hits this letter and this one hits that letter.” To my amazement, she was putting her fingers in the position that I first showed her. HOWEVER, this is her proud moment of showing me what she was learning in class. Yep, she didn’t even realize that what I showed her the first day was exactly what the teacher was teaching them! I congratulated her and told her how proud of her I was. She was beaming. Then, I gently asked her if she remembered what I had showed her. She thought for a minute and then said, “Oh, yeah!”

Yeah, I thought. See, I wasn’t lying! I swear my kids would rather listen to anyone else but their own parents when it comes to certain things. Like we don’t know what we are talking about. She does the same thing with her homework. It’s a huge hassel to get her to do anything, but she’s a total angel in class and does all her work. Nana even mentions time after time that my kids misbehave all the time when I’m around and they are just perfect when I’m not. Yeah, well, they do behave when they’re with me … alone. It’s the kids showing off. Now, they’re not really all that bad, just a little hyperactive.

Anyway, this is just me trying to explain how hard it is to get kids to believe what their parents are saying. I’ve even gone so far as to ask the teacher one year to actually tell my daughter that when I ask her to do her homework, it’s because the teacher asked me to ask her to do it. That’s pretty much the truth anyway. I just know that my kids look up to so many people and want to learn more from them than they do us, but that could be because they know they are learning or have learned so much from us already and it’s time for a change. Possibly.

Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of two rambunctious kids and a new baby!

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