Lemon: Aid: For Clean Water

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Summer’s the time for making memories and to get your kids outside for fun and play. It’s also the quintessential time for lemonade stands, which is something kids love to do. Admit it: You’ve seen kids out there selling lemonade and driven on past. That’s OK, but even if you’re not thirsty, you can still stop for this kind of LEMON:AID and fundraise for clean water in Africa.

Fundraise: Why It Matters

    Blood: Water Mission aims to give millions of Africans access to clean, safe water. One way of doing that is to fundraise through lemonade sales around the world.

Blood: Water’s Lemon:Aid initiative includes a new $10 kit that makes it easy for kids to fundraise for clean water while they serve lemonade. You charge a dollar for a one cup of lemonade and pass the money on to a clean water organization. Every cup of lemonade sold equals a year of clean water for someone in Africa. Each Lemon:Aid kit comes with a poster, a banner & garland to hoist above your stand; stickers; a T-shirt and more.


Susan Swindell Day is the editor in chief of Nashville Parent and the mom of four amazing kids.

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