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Goody bags, theme ideas and more!

5 Goody Bag ideas

These can be a real challenge — try these tips for goody bag awesomeness!

  1. Give a gift that lasts — Art supplies like stickers, a coloring book and a small pack of crayons will give your guests something to continue the fun at home.
  2. KIDS LOVE candy — Believe it or not, you can never go wrong by giving kids unique candy. They love Fun Dip, Ring Pops, Pixy Stix, Pop Rocks, bubble gum.
  3. Use crafts as activity and the gift to take home — If your party’s activity involves a craft, let that be the party favor.
  4. FUN containers — Put your goody in a reusable container, like a water bottle, lunchbox or pencil pouch.
  5. Add a personal touch — A CD of his favorite songs is easy to compile and make, and gets the birthday child involved in party planning.

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What are some awesome birthday party themes that worked for your children?

“We did a water party and a painting party. Filled ketchup bottles and spray bottles with watered downed paint and ice cube trays with paint and told friends to wear old clothes.”
Samantha Sharp

“We did a barnyard bash. Tons of fun, homemade everything to cut cost and personalize. Then hired a traveling petting zoo. Everyone had a blast and dressed up. Food was easy to prepare ahead, and great background for pictures.”
Gina Reel

“Carnival theme has been our favorite, too, and we have had lots of parties with four kiddos. It was so much fun!”
Heather Harter

“First birthday ice cream theme with a make-your-own sundae bar and Neapolitan color scheme.”
Brooklyn Flatt

“We did a dress up party. Bow ties for the boys and painted a mustache on them. I got fake jewelry and some make up for the girls. ”
Jeanette Orejel

“We did a pirate party with a treasure hunt. A red carpet event with awards for everyone, a carnival with homemade games, a luau with grass skirts and leis for everyone, and a cookout with a scavenger hunt. ”
Angela Woodard

“Minute to win it for 12-year-olds.”
LeeAnne Allen Carmack

Age-by-age Party Games for Kids!

It’s always good to have a few games at the ready to keep kids occupied.

For ages 3 – 4

(from momswhothink.com)
Show your party guests a small object, then send them out of the area while you hide it (keep at least part of the object visible, as this game is something of a combination of “Hide & Seek” and “I Spy”). Bring the kids back and let them hunt for the object. The first child to find it must call out “Boomer-Whitz!” Then he gets to hide the object for the next round. This can be played indoors or out.

For ages 5 – 6

Switcheroo (from spoonful.com)
Collect a bunch of accessories like jewelry, scarves, ribbons, sunglasses, hats, gloves, etc. Divide your party into two teams. Team A will choose two or three players to put on as many of the accessories as they can in 30 seconds while both teams watch. The dressed up players are then taken into another area to trade some of their accessories with each other. When they return, their own team members get two minutes to guess the switches (one point per correct answer). When time is called, the other team tries to earn points by guessing what the first team missed. Then it’s time for Team B to dress their own players!

For ages 6 – 8

Runway Landing (from kidspot.com)
Before the party, make simple cardboard airplanes with each party guest’s name on them. Hang a map on the wall and mark a “landing strip” with a push-pin or circle. Line up kids on the other side of the room, and create an obstacle course with chairs, cushions, empty boxes, etc. Let the players look over the course, then blindfold them, one at a time, as they attempt to navigate the course and safely land their plane. The child who lands closest to the landing strip wins!

Doing the Sleepover?

Don’t forget to ask each guest to bring:

  • Sleeping bag
  • Pillow
  • Toothbrush
  • Hairbrush
  • Pajamas

And tell parents what time to pick their child up the next day!

6 Rockin’ Birthday Tip!

  1. Decorate your kitchen with streamers and birthday things the night before your child’s day WHILE HE’S SLEEPING.
  2. Find great Craft ideas at kidscraftweekly.com. Fun party ideas can be found at birthdaypartyideas.com.
  3. Pick a THEME: sports; princess; dress up; arts & crafts; camp out; beach; Super hero; wild about bugs; american girl; Fairy tale; dinosaur; animals; spa
  4. Check out Pinterest for a wealth of birthday party ideas.
  5. Keep your guests busy! Have plenty of activities lined up since kids can move through things quickly.
  6. Set up a birthday chair: Decorate it with balloons & birthday cards. When it’s time for presents, this is his chair!

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