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AstroBrite by Nite Ize

Who said you had to come in when it got dark outside? Not anymore! Continue your game play outside with these great products by Nite Ize.

The AstroBrite ($9.99) is a bean ball/bag with a built-in L.E.D. light. Now you can even play a game of hacky-sack. This bean bag’s light is a little more difficult to turn on as you have to find the light disc within the beans. But, it is durable enough to withstand a few kicks.


Flashflight by Nite Ize

The Flashflight Light-Up Ultimate Disc ($24.99; pictured middle right) allows players to play a good game of frisby at night with its L.E.D. light built right into this durable disc. It comes in red, blue, green and Disc-O (which changes colors from red, green, blue and purple). No more losing the disc in the dark!


Meteorlight by Nite Ize

The Meteorlight ($11.99; pictured bottom right) is a multi-colored L.E.D. bouncing ball that is great for outdoor play in the dark – and it floats! You can play a game of toss in the pool and watch the colors bounce off the water. I don’t recommend hitting this ball with a bat, as you could damage the lights within. The lights change color seamlessly in the colors red, green, blue, yellow, aqua, purple and white.

So, take your pick — or get them all — and stay out late! This is a great way for children to get the much needed exercise that they may not get if it is too hot outside during the day. Keep it fun, keep it cool! Play at night with Nite Ize products!

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