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Teach Your Child to Read in 15 Weeks or Less with the Little Champion Reader

Did you know that phonics alone is not enough to create successful readers? Research shows that children who learn how to read through phonics alone do not makes as much progress as those who learn through a combination of reading techniques. The most effective way to teach reading to your child is through combining three research-proven reading techniques of Phonics, Sight Word Memorization and Whole Language. Sight words are the most frequently used words found in reading text an must be memorized for successful reading.

Little Champion Reader effectively integrates all three reading techniques into one complete system right from the start. It guarantees to provide your child the unique benefits of each technique without causing any reading gaps. The result? Your child effortlessly achieves reading success without any struggles.

View our demos:

Demo 1: Phonics
Demo 2: Sight Words
Demo 3: Whole Language

Attention Nashville Parent Readers!
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