Long Live Blue Jeans - Quick Tips for Home

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Make your child’s blue jeans last twice as long with this simple tip!

 • With $2 and five minutes, you can extend the life of your child’s blue jeans. You need new jeans, denim patches (they won’t show in the end; find them at a craft store), an iron and an ironing board.

 • Preheat your iron on the cotton setting. Turn the steam setting off.

 • Turn the jeans wrong side out and iron out any wrinkles. With the jeans still wrong side out, give the knee area another swipe with the iron. Now, place a patch on one knee, shiny side down. Rest your iron over one area of the patch for a few seconds, then move to another area and so on until the entire patch is attached. Check the edges of the patch to make sure it’s secure. If not, simply apply more heat. Now repeat the process with the other knee.

 • Turn the jeans right side out and you’re done! You’ve just doubled the strength of the knees in the jeans, the part that kids can really give a beating.


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