Magnetic Learning Tray

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Did you know that a cookie sheet can be used for more than just baking cookies? If you take a new one and decorate it, it becomes an awesome area for magnets. I found all these items at Dollar Tree and was able to create a fun magnetic learning tray for my kindergartner.

What You Need
Cookie sheet, decorative duct tape, magnetic numbers (or letters)

What You Do
• Optional: spray paint the entire cookie sheet a color and let dry.
• Add your tape around the sides.
• Add tape to the top and bottom of the tray to frame it, leaving the middle open.
• Set your magnetic numbers (or letters) on the tray.
• This is a fun way for kids to learn their numbers and it’s even great for on-the-go!

Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of two rambunctious kids and a new baby!

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