Make Time for Two!

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When a baby is introduced into the family, it’s normal for your first born to feel a bit jealous. There will be times where it seems that all you do is take care of your new bundle of joy. Trust me, to your eldest child, that is all you do. So, it is important to make sure you can enjoy a little one-on-one time with the older sibling. You must learn to make time for two little ones now … and it’s not going to be easy.

Sometimes I find myself running around the house as if I hadn’t cleaned here or there … trying to make ends meet. With two little ones running around, the house seems a mess 24/7. Sure, they can put things away … but only when they feel like it. So, as a parent, you try to run behind them picking up their neatly laid path through the house. As if they would never be able to find their way back to the toy chest.

Oh, but the the baby needs a diaper change. Wait, no, now it’s time to feed the baby. Oh, nope, it’s time to lay baby down for a nap. All the while, your first born is tugging at your skirts begging for tea time with mommy. “Wait just a minute,” is what most of us will say. I know I have used that phrase way more often than I had ever expected. It’s just very important to your child that you only make her wait just one more second. Then, you need to provide some much needed attention. This will help keep the family world from being knocked off course and sent into orbit.

There will be days where you need to get the laundry done, clean the dishes, sweep the floor, clean that nasty bathroom that belongs to the kids (because, to me, that seems to be the messiest place of all!), vacuum, mop … the list could go on forever! BUT, you need to throw that list in the fire and make time for two. Yes, I said it again. Make time for two! There, you just can’t hear it enough. It breaks my heart when I hear my eldest say to me that I never play with her anymore.

Now, we know this is not true because you are still picking up the cups from the little tea party you just had. But, in their eyes, one hour seems like an eternity ago. So, naturally she will feel as if it never really happened. Sometimes, it feels like an eternity ago to me, too. I find myself thinking, haven’t I played with them equally? It’s not until I start to pick up all the pretty drawings that have littered my daughter’s bedroom that I realize, YES, I am playing with them both. Her cute little drawings and half recognizable sentences that accompany them tell the truth. Seeing her drawings of her and I and the sentences saying, “Mi and my mommy were playing. We had fun. It was a grate day.” So precious coming from my little girl who just turned 6.

There are days where I don’t get to play with my children as often as I like, but, who’s going to clean the house and get dinner ready while Daddy is at work? The important thing to remember is … MAKE TIME FOR TWO!

Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of two rambunctious kids and a new baby!

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