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Murfreesboro teen K-Marzzz is moving on up in the ABC show "Boy Band" and we couldn't be more proud!

Maybe you’ve seen an episode of ABC’s Boy Band, but maybe you didn’t know that Marcus “K-Marzzz” Pendleton is from Murfreesboro. ABC describes the show as “a new series where talented singers battle it out to become a member of the next great music sensation.” And YOU get to vote for your favorite band member, too. But, before his success on the show, which he returns again this Thursday, we caught up with K-Marzzz to learn a little more about him.

The K-Marzzz Story

Born in Tullahoma and later raised in Shelbyville, Manchester and Hillsboro, Pendleton now calls Murfreesboro home. Growing up, wherever he was, music has been a part of Pendleton’s entire life. He would jam out to music with his family. With music being introduced and encouraged at such a young age, it was no wonder he learned to love the art of music and singing. “I was dancing before I could walk, LOL,” recalls Pendleton. But he really didn’t know he was actually good at singing until he was 7 years old. While he currently doesn’t play a musical instrument, he’s in the works to learning the guitar and maybe even the piano.

As kids grow up and discover new talents, it can be hard for them to pursue their dreams. It takes family and friends and loads of encouragement to keep you going. His mom was of heavy influence from the beginning, too. “She taught me to be a positive influence on whomever I encounter in life. To be the inspiration the world may need. So, I try to lead by example — always. I love people and I am filled with love for humanity. With all that said, without a reasonable doubt, I am a mama’s boy! LOL.”

“I receive encouragement from family and music team,” says Pendleton. However, he says the real encouragement comes from the people in his hometown who watch his growth as a musician. He hopes that his growth in his talent inspires them to follow their own dreams, too. “It does not have to be music, but just a dream you have and go for it! My motto is ‘I do this for the four F’s: faith, family, friends and fans,’ which have been my fuel. Even God has given me the signs by allowing me to have a voice to not only make good music, but also to inspire others,” he adds.

Being on the Show

After auditions for other shows were done, Pendleton was contacted and asked to be a part of Boy Band, a show he didn’t originally audition for. Casting directors saw his audition tapes and knew he would be a great fit for this new show. So, a Skype audition was set and before he knew it, Pendleton was flying out to LA to compete for a spot on the show. The moment he learns he made the cut, Pendleton says, “It was the greatest feeling in the world and I cried from so much excitement.” And, he’s still on the show moving on up! “I have given 1,000% commitment to win this and give my all,” he says.

With so much talent and energy surrounding the show, you can bet Pendleton was ready to step up his game! He says being on the show has been such an amazing experience. “I hope to gain more exposure to my audience, which is the youth, and for them to hear my story about how a regular ole’ small country town kid like me had big dreams and accomplished it,” he adds.

Tips from K-Marzzz

Thinking about following your dreams? Pendleton has these tips to share:

  • Be willing to give your all.
  • Think of who and what you’re doing it for.
  • Discover who you are as a person and be yourself.
  • Positive energy will guide you to the right people and will draw the right people to you.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • Never forget or be too good for your support system.
  • Continuously learn and practice perfecting your craft.
  • Never give up!
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Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of three.

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