Give the Morning to Your Kids

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Getting kids out the door in the morning is no easy feat. If you're doing most of the tasks yourself - discover ways to turn the morning over to THEM!


Transfer the Morning to Your Kids

One reason kids  have trouble getting out the door for school in the morning is that they’re not organized. You can’t just say, “Get organized!” because kids have no idea how to begin when they are little. If they don’t learn strategies, disorganization will be a major hindrance come the middle school years and increased academic work.

Help your child get his act together with the following tips:

  • Make lists a habit. Buy your child a little notebook to carry around at all times. Suggest he make lists for homework, chores and other activities. When he forgets something, teach him to check his list. He’ll eventually get the hang of it.
  • Give your child a calendar to record assignments and other commitments.
  • Provide box files, ring binders and folders and a place for where he keeps everything. Follow up with him daily to be sure he’s using his set space & materials.  Help your child catalog and file homework, magazines and other papers until he does it for himself.
  • Insist on a weekly “mining” session. Throw away what’s not needed; put useful items where they go.
  • Encourage “self-notes.” Teach kids to write little reminders of things to do and post them where they’re easy to see – like the bathroom mirror!
  • Every night, plan together for the next day. Confirm who will be doing what when. Lay out clothes. Pack lunches. Put backpacks by the door.
  • Give your kids a lesson on the clock: Show them what time they need to be ready by!


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