Maximize Space in Your Child’s Room

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Kids love toys, but those toys need a home. Here are some tips to help your children keep those bedrooms cleaner.

Oh, the clutter! In your child’s room, that is. You open the door only to find there is no floor! Do they really expect you to walk across all those toys? Well, you would probably see less toys, books, etc. on the floor if there were fun places to put them.

Install Wall Shelves
Not only does it give you something to put on their walls aside from posters and pictures, shelves are great for being the go to spot for books and other things. You can have little baskets that sit on those shelves for your child to stick his favorite toys. Label those baskets to help him stay organized, too.

Pullout Storage Under the Bed
You know those big, flat containers you see for wrapping paper or other miscellaneous items? Well, those containers are great for under-the-bed storage for your child’s room, too. Toys are easy to reach and your child may be more apt to throw them into something closer to the floor.

Book Shelf
If your child’s room doesn’t already have one, make room for it. A bookshelf is great for keeping books off the floor or stacked on top of the dresser. If you don’t have enough books to fill each shelf, utilize the extra space with the labeled baskets for more toy home options. Your child can also place his favorite little collectibles on the shelves to proudly display them.

Add Another Shelf in the Closet
Your child more than likely can’t reach his clothing on a rod that is set for an adult. So, if you lower that rod, making it easier for him to reach his clothing, you will find you have even more extra space! Add another shelf in the closet to host all the board games your child may have. This will help keep them organized as well.

Cool Toy Chests
If you’re not into adding more furniture like shelves or a bookshelf to your child’s room, consider a cool toy storage solution. There are tons of toy chests to consider to hold most … if not all … of your child’s toys. There are the standard bench-style toy chests that creates a space for your child to sit on, open chests for him to toss his toys in at will and even bean bag style toy storage solutions, which hold lots of stuffed animals and creates another sitting option in his room.

If you have enough places for him to place his things, you are less likely to find them on the floor. Making these option more easily reachable by little ones is another factor. If the toy chest is too hard to open, the toys will end up on the floor. If the shelves are too high up, the toys will end up on the floor. So, keep your child in mind when sprucing up his room. He just may surprise you.

Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of three.

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