Mickey Mouse Ears Ornament

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You can make an ornament out of just about anything, like a discarded shampoo bottle from your trip to Walt Disney World — which makes the cutest little Mickey ears ornament.

On a recent trip to Walt Disney World, my kids and I kept an eye out for discarded things that we could use in a project. Anything from stickers to receipts with the name of the store printed on it to confetti from a show to even the top of the complimentary shampoo bottle. Which brings me to this project.

After using up the shampoo, before we threw the bottle away, we snapped the lid off. It was the perfect little set of Mickey Mouse ears! I had a few ideas in mind immediately that I could do with them. But, I chose this one.

Mickey Mouse Ears Ornament

What You Need
Bottle cap from your visit to a Walt Disney resort
Needle nose pliers
Miniature red ornament
Craft glue
Giant needle (anything of this sort will work, even a tiny handheld screwdriver, the needle was from my pottery supplies)

What You Do

  1. With the needle nose pliers, pull out the center plug from under the ears.
  2. Poke a hole through the top between the ears with your needle.
  3. Pull the cap off the top of your miniature ornament and then pull the metal loop out of the cap.
  4. Add some craft glue to the under side of the Mickey ears.
  5. Place on top of the ornament over the hole.
  6. Add the metal loop to the ears by sliding it through the hole you made in the ears cap.
  7. Allow to dry completely.

As an added option, with a white paint marker, you can write your child’s name on it, the date of your Disney visit, etc. Perfect little DIY keepsake!


Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of two rambunctious kids and a new baby!

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