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Williamson County Schools held a public meeting on Tuesday, March 20 to talk with parents about school safety in the wake of the Parkland, Florida shootings. School safety is a number one issue for schools and parents today. Several hundred parents attended the meeting held in the Church of the City in Franklin. Superintendent Mike Looney in addition to Deputy Director of Schools Jason Golden spoke. 

Your Kids Don’t Know You are Watching 

One of the main concerns administrators conveyed to parents regarding safety was the need for them to know what their kids do online.
    “We have to work collectively to monitor what our students are doing on social media because they think that you’re not watching,” Superintendent Mike Looney said. “You are a central figure in making sure that not only your children are safe, but that all other children are safe,” he added.
    Looney told parents that law enforcement officials have stopped potential incidents from happening in Williamson County by identifying threats ahead of time. Additionally, Williamson County is developing a process for tracking troubling behaviors in schools. Students who are at-risk for problems need to have access to psychologists and social workers, Looney said.
    Safety measures being looked and and implemented in Williamson Schools include:

• Updating the process for how visitors get into school buildings
• Improving building security by changing landscaping plans
• Upgrading the phone system to get more information to dispatchers if someone calls 911

Looney also said Williamson County is looking in to a system that can allow instant background checks on visitors. Looney is against arming teachers with weapons in schools.

If you would like to ask Dr. Looney a question about school safety, email him at
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Susan Swindell Day is the editor in chief of Nashville Parent and the mom of four amazing kids.

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