Nashville Sudbury School

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At this new private school, the kids help decide the classes, the teachers and how the day will unfold.

A new private school that’s the first of its kind in Tennessee is now open. Nashville Sudbury School (NSS) is open to students ages 4 – 18, and the kids direct their own learning in a civic-minded environment operating through democratic governance.


At NSS, staff and students are on equal footing, thus solidifying the democratic model. Decisions on all school matters happen through a weekly “School Meeting” in which each student and each staff member has an equal vote and voice in all decision making.

Furthermore, the model promotes play-based and organic learning, as the children help decide the classes, the teachers, the discipline (through a daily Judiciary Committee or Mediation) and how the day will unfold.

NSS offers private school and homeschool tracks. Tuition is $6,000.

NSS is located at 3551 Dickerson Pike, Nashville. Enrollment is ongoing, subject to availability. Call 615-543-6160 or visit

Chad Young is the managing editor and arts/entertainment editor for this publication.

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