New Fun Ways to Light Up the Night

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Have fun with light this Halloween to keep the little ones from getting scared and keep everyone safe!

Halloween can be a scary time for kids of all ages. Don’t get left in the dark as you go door-to-door for treats! Here are bright ideas to make a light to keep everyone safe.

Have Fun Creating Light

  • With a headband or hair tie, strap your smartphone to a 20-ounce bottle of room temperature water with the flashlight on to make a lantern.
  • Drop a few glow sticks into a 20-ounce bottle of water for a colorful lantern.
  • Strap or tape glow sticks to the back of your child’s pants legs. Or, form the letter of his first name on his back so you know who’s name to call out.
  • Consider purchasing light-up armbands or shoestring lights.
  • Drop a mini flashlight into your child’s bucket for another way to add light.
  • Hang a waterproof phone case/bag around your neck to hold your phone with the flashlight on if your regular flashlight dies out on you.
  • Encourage kids to carry a small flashlight or lantern as part of their costume to light the way as they walk through yards.
  • Change your phone’s flashlight color! Put a piece of tape over the light and color it with a high lighter. Put another piece of tape over that if you’re using the shiny tape so that it doesn’t rub off.
  • When ordering a balloon from a party store, put a little glow stick inside (snapped and lit up) before the balloon is filled with helium. Use it for trick-or-treating. This is your beacon for your kids to easily find you. Your child might want to carry it, too, but keep the string short.

Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of three.

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