Nurture Your Child’s Talent

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Once you've spotted your child's talent, here are some tips to help you nurture it along.

Observe Natural Interests

Notice what your child likes to do with his free time (allow for plenty of unstructured play) — sometimes he will show a heightened level of interest in a particular area.

Ask Teachers

They spend a lot of time with your child and their observations will be based on your child’s performance in all areas of the classroom. What they see can help support your impressions.

Pay Attention to Curiosity

When a kid is interested in a subject, he’ll question you about it endlessly. You can feed his curiosity by taking him on field trips related to his interest.

Don’t judge

Abstain from voicing your opinion about how your child uses his free time if it’s a creative pursuit or he can lose his motivation.

Follow the Leader

Realize that your child has the right to be interested in his own pursuits — don’t push him toward what YOU want for him, let HIM lead the way.

Allow Him to be Influenced

We gain inspiration from other artists — encourage him to see and hear great performances.

Get Training

When your child decides to specialize, take training to the next level, seek out a talent mentor and continue monitoring your child to ensure that passion is the motivator. Help him seek opportunities for his specialty.

Source: Early Gifts: Recognizing and Nurturing Your Children’s Talents

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