Picking the Halloween Costume

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When it comes to deciding what to be for Halloween, local moms began debating on whether or not they should pick the costume out for their child.

I remember every year waiting for the chance to pick out the coolest costume for Halloween. Sometimes, however, being from a family of five children, our options were limited. But, that was OK. Sometimes my mom would make my costume for me. One year, I was a giant bag of jelly beans. I remember her having me step into a clear trash bag and stand there while she diligently blew up all the balloons to put inside the bag. I was a little skeptical at first, but person after person we passed said how much they loved my costume. Making me smile ear to ear!

Every now and then, I like to make my own daughter’s costume. However, sometimes she finds something that’s just perfect and store bought that it’s just easier that way. But, when it comes to the actual decision making, I start my influence early on … months before. I try to sway them to a style that’s appropriate for them, but I still let the make the decision. The problem most parents face is waiting until the last minute. Then you’re like, “Oh, whatever.” So, start early.

Check out these Halloween costume picking tips from local parents:

Let the family be all the same character.
“We typically go with Disney. My daughter is 5 and my son will be 5 months old on Halloween. We are going as a Mickey Mouse family this year — daughter’s choice.”  — Niki Ary

Favorite book characters are a good way to go.
“My daughter just turned 3, and out of the blue she announced this past summer that she was going to be Peter Rabbit for Halloween.”  — Alison Owen

It changes every year.
“My 5-year-daughter is usually a Disney princess, but this year she has decided she wants to be a Queen Vampire. My 9-year-old son wants to be SpongeBob this year; he was a super hero avenger guy last year.”  — Jennifer Norvell

Coordinate costumes for the entire family.
“I let my kids decide — they are 7, 6 and 3. My oldest son is going as Darth Vader, my daughter is going as Princess Leia and my youngest son is going to be a stormtrooper.”  — Libby Sanders

Let your child pick whatever, and if it’s not available … make it.
“It’s whatever she wants to be. She’s been choosing her own costume since she was 2 (now 7). If it doesn’t exist, I make it for her. This year I’m making Starfire from Teen Titans Go.”  — Shantel Booth

Pick a costume that shows off your child’s talent.
“My boy always wants to be Scream, and of course, I say no. This year I think I’ll pick Power Ranger. He’s autistic, so I do the picking, but I let him help. He just turned 12. Maybe he’ll dress up as a football player, because he is one now. I never ever thought I would see him play because of his disabilities. But he’s doing it, and I’m so proud of him. I thank Jesus every day for his change.”  — Jennifer Farris

Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of three.

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