PINK is the New Halloween Color!

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It doesn't have to be all orange and black for Halloween. Throw some PINK into your Halloween decor with this easy craft that your kids can help you do.

That’s right. It doesn’t have to always be orange, black, purple and green … especially when you’ve got girls! Throw in a splash of pink here and there with some added special touches.

For instance, this easy Halloween craft. We were in the front yard getting some fresh air and playing for a bit. We noticed that there were lots of twigs that had fallen from the tree during the storm. I decided to start getting into the Halloween spirit with my kids by telling them we can make a special craft with these sticks.

So, we gathered quite a few of them. Enough to make a bouquet-like piece. Then, we gathered the rest of our supplies: spray paint, rubber band or ribbon, pizza box, stickers.

We had just had pizza the night before, so we had pizza boxes. This is one of the best things to have when you’re spray painting, because that’s what we’re about to do. We set the sticks out on the opened pizza box with not one of them touching. Then, we spray painted them (OUTSIDE). With still a chance of rain, we were able to pick the pizza box up and easily transfer our spray painted sticks inside after they had aired a little. The smell can still be overwhelming if you take them in any sooner.

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Also, be mindful of which direction the wind is blowing so that the spray doesn’t blow right into your child’s face.

We let them dry completely. Later, we took them back outside, flipped them and spray painted the other side. Once they were all dry, we were able to gather them in a bouquet fashion and secure them with a rubber band.

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You can also use ribbon or whatever you like that you have on hand. To add a little Halloween flair, we added some glitter bat stickers. Here’s a close up.

photo 2

Once you’re done, you can find the perfect spot in your Halloween decor to set it. This was such an easy craft to do, too. It’s nice to see a different color associated with Halloween, especially if you don’t like orange! We even tried it out in blue, well, because we have a boy, too, and pink wouldn’t fly with him! LOL. The kids had fun helping me paint them and even more fun putting the stickers on them. FYI: We got our stickers at Dollar Tree.

Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of two rambunctious kids and a new baby!

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