Safeguard Kids from Halloween Falls

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Halloween is a night full of fun and a few frights. Sometimes those frights come in the form of injuries, which can be prevented!

Since Halloween is on a weekday this year, it’s best to prepare your home now for trick-or-treaters. Sure, you’ve got the best and scariest decorations adorning your yard in the neighborhood, but is your yard actually safe for kids to walk through? The last thing on anyone’s mind on this night is whether or not something will trip the kids or if there are holes in the yard they can step into. So, it’s up to YOU to safeguard them from any hazards.

Halloween Decor Safety Tips to Keep in Mind:

• Secure festive yard decor so it doesn’t topple over on trick-or-treaters.
• Make sure inflated decor that’s tethered to the ground has something around the cords so the kids don’t trip on them.
• Don’t have electrical cords on paths leading up to your door that children can trip over.
• Clear your yard of tripping hazards.
• Secure anxious pets inside for the night.
• Turn on your porch lights.
• Keep your steps clear of decorations so kids don’t fall on them.
• Strategically place decor over holes to keep kids from falling.

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Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of three.

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