Pumpkin Crafts for Everyone

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Pumpkins are fun! Their size, color, smell and taste make them perfect for children’s observations and explorations. Here are some fun pumpkin crafts to try with your kids.

Pumpkins are more than just a variety of squash; they’ve come to symbolize both the vibrant color and also the spirit of the fall season. This is the best time of the year to utilize the endless possibilities of using pumpkins during your “together time” activities. Your kids may tend to associate pumpkins only with Halloween and jack-o-lanterns, however, if you wish, you can deemphasize the holiday connections and still jump into a variety of pumpkin crafts and activities. Here are a few ideas to try.

Pumpkin Projects (Arts & Crafts)

For the Wee Ones

Finger Paint A Pumpkin

Make homemade finger paint by mixing condensed milk with red and yellow food coloring. Invite your little one to finger paint with this orange mixture. Precut a pumpkin shape from finger paint paper or freezer paper. Your child will love the feel of this paint and the fact that it dries shiny. This paint does take a while to dry but well worth the results.

Pumpkin Mosaic

Give your child a paper plate and orange construction paper. Let him tear pieces of the orange paper (little ones really like to tear paper) and glue them onto the plate. Help him brush on the glue and after he is finished you make want to brush on a final layer to keep the pieces flat. Make a leaf shape from green or brown paper and glue this on top to complete the pumpkin.

Coffee Filter Pumpkin

Just use a white coffee filter and drops of food coloring. Invite your child to place some drops of yellow and red food coloring randomly on a coffee filter. Then with a squirt bottle, lightly spray some water onto the filter. The colors will bleed and mix together to make an orange tie-dye effect. When dry, add a green stem to finish the pumpkin shape.

For the Preschoolers

Pumpkin Pie

Cut pie shapes from orange construction paper. In small bowls, provide spices such as powdered cinnamon, ginger and a few whole cloves. After your child has spread glue onto the paper slice, he can sprinkle on spices. Let this dry and together smell the fragrance of “pumpkin pie” on this artwork.

Pumpkin Sun Catcher

Place a piece of adhesive Contact paper down on the table sticky side up.  You may need to tape this in place.  Encourage your child to tear and place pieces of red tissue paper on one side and pieces of yellow tissue paper on the opposite side.  When finished, fold the paper in half and see what happens when the red and yellow paper overlap. Cut a pumpkin shape from this now “orange” paper and hang in a sunny window.

For School Age Children

Popcorn Painting

Here’s a new experience in painting! Place a cup of unpopped popcorn into a knee high stocking and tie the nylon stocking in a knot. Holding the top end of the stocking, dip the bottom (corn) into poster paint and then “bounce” it onto paper. Makes a neat design and so complimentary to the season. Cut the paper into a pumpkin shape and you now have a unique painting.

Paper Bag Pumpkin

Take a lunch size paper bag and have the kids fill it with crumpled newspaper. Tie the top with string leaving about two inches of space for the stem. Paint the bag orange to make the pumpkin and green or brown for the stem. Make and cut some leaves from green construction paper and staple these to the stem. Older kids make wish to enhance the pumpkin with glitter. Make lots of these mini-pumpkins for decorations.

NOTE:  There is no specific rule to the age limitations of these projects.

Tania Cowling is a former teacher, author of teacher resource books, and freelance writer. This mother and grandmother resides in south Florida.

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