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Yep, I said it. You can “Rule the Kitchen” just as the Ninja Kitchen System says. Because it’s true! This all encompassing system was created for the busy chef in your family … I know. I was a little skeptical at first, but after getting to know the machine and how it works, I learned that I LOVE it.

It looks like your typical blender/mixer, but it is so much more … just the simple fact that it locks down to your counter with super tight air suction proves that it is very powerful.

This system comes with a 72-ounce pitcher with lid, 40-ounce processing bowl with lid and FIVE attachments. You can chop up fresh graham crackers for that homemade pie, clean it out with ease and turn around and use it to blend and mix up dough for fresh bread!

I also hated it when the other choppers/blenders would have crumbs or food stuck to the bottom that never got crushed, but this system has not shown that to me at all. I crushed a full package of Oreo cookies and there was not a single clump it in! Perfectly smooth crumbs.

When it came time to mix up my cake batter, it made a bit of a mess … because I pushed the wrong button and because the pour spout on the lid was not closed all the way. So, pay attention!

This system will make baking and cooking for the holidays so much easier.

Ninja Kitchen System 1100

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