10 Rainy Day Boredom Busters

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Fun ways to keep little ones occupied indoors on wet weather days.

Don’t let a rainy day dampen spirits in your household. Here are 10 fun things to do inside with your little kids when we weather looms.

There’s wet weather in the forecast during the holiday break. Here are 10 ideas for rainy day fun with little ones at home:

Under the Sea Treasure Hunt

Run a bubble bath with lots of bubbles and fill the tub with a variety of objects for your child to find buried beneath the foam. Your little one can be in or outside of the tub while exploring.

Stuffed Animal Petting Zoo

Bring out a variety of your child’s stuffed animals and arrange them around the room. Let your child go one by one telling you each animal’s name, then have fun sharing easy-to-understand facts with your child about each critter’s real-life counterpart.

Create an Obstacle Course

Break out the blankets, sheets and pillows to create obstacles to jump on and crawl through. Make blanket tunnels and arrange chairs to crawl under. If you have more than one young child, turn it into a competition and time each child to see who can get through the course fastest.

Window Drawing

Have a supply of washable markers at the ready and let your child get creative by drawing scenes on a picture window. A sunshine scene is great to combat a dreary day outside.

Create a Book

Keep an assortment of blank books and encourage your child to illustrate his own story with crayons or colored pencils. You can fill in the words to accompany the pictures as your child dictates his tale to you.

Make an Indoor Bowling Alley

Save up toilet paper rolls and arrange them at one end of the hall like bowling pins. “Ball up” a few socks and let your child throw them at the “pins.”

Living Room Ice Skating

Wrap sheets of wax paper around your little one’s feet (keep them attached with rubber bands), put on some music and let her have fun gliding across the carpet!

Make Sock Puppets

Rummage through your drawers for orphan socks and use yarn and buttons to create colorful creations — you do the sewing, but let your child pick the eyes and color of yarn for other features. Then, have fun putting together a wacky sock puppet show together!

Musical Glasses

Fill glasses with different amounts of water and let your child lightly tap them with a spoon to discover the different sounds each glass makes. Try simple, familiar tunes like “Mary Had a Little Lamb” or encourage your child to make up his own melody.


What better way to beat the blues of a cold, winter day than to heat up the kitchen with a favorite cookie recipe! Let your child help mix the cookie dough ingredients and help drop batter from a spoon. Don’t forget the hot chocolate and perhaps a kid-friendly movie to watch together after the sweet treats are out of the oven.

Chad Young is the managing editor and arts/entertainment editor for this publication.

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