Review: Elephant & Piggie’s We Are In a Play

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NCT's "Elephant & Piggie's We Are In a Play," runs through Sunday, Feb. 8, and it's a perfect family outing!

Elephant & Piggie’s We Are In a Play (Jan. 15 – Feb. 8; All ages)
Nashville Children’s Theatre
25 Middleton St., Nashville
252-4675 •
Show times: Sat – Sun 2 pm.
Tickets: $20 adults, $14 children

… a fabulously fun show for families with kids of all ages!

Nashville Children’s Theatre (NCT) takes kids and adults of all ages through a festive, delightful romp through the world of award-winning author Mo Willems’ characters Elephant and Piggie in its current production of Elephant & Piggie’s We Are In a Play. Directed by Scot Copeland, with music direction by Russell Davis and choreography by Pam Atha, the hour-long musical is based on Willems’ book series about two best-buddy critters.

The NCT cast delivers a top-notch, laugh-out-loud experience for the audience as Gerald the Elephant (Shawn Knight) and Piggie (Amanda Card) — along with the Squirrelles (Rona Carter, Martha Wilkinson and NCT newcomer Lauren Elysse Fitzgerald) — sing and dance their way through an adventure that includes a variety of “predicaments” like preparing for a pool party, solving a dilemma about sharing ice cream and giving a dramatic performance about a love for a new toy. Eventually, the pair figure out that they are actually in a play, and upon that realization, the audience enjoys a bit of interactive fun.

Copeland’s casting choice couldn’t be better. Knight offers a perfect portrayal of the worrywart Elephant as does Card who embodies every ounce of Piggie’s excitement and carefree, come-what-may attitude. In addition, the boa-sporting Carter, Wilkinson and Fitzgerald provide several whimsical, entertaining touches throughout the show.

Elephant & Piggie’s We Are In a Play is great fun for children, and it’s also wildly entertaining for moms and dads, with a script that incorporates a lot of humor and jokes for the adult crowd to enjoy. All together, it’s a fabulously fun show for families and a perfect weekend outing.



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