Private School Map

Find Private Schools in Your Area

The map below includes all of the schools listed in the Fall 2018 edition of the Private School Directory.

It’s easy to find schools close to you – or wherever you are looking!

You can …

ZOOM IN to get a closer look. Use the “+” button in the lower left corner of the map to zoom in.  Use the “-” button to zoom back out.

Enter FULL SCREEN mode to get the best view. Click the “four corner” icon in the far right corner of the map’s gray header bar to view a full screen version of the map.

MOVE THE MAP to the area where you want to look. Click and hold on the map to drag it around so you can explore the schools as far north as Clarksville, as far south as Bell Buckle, as far west as Bellevue, and as far east as Lebanon.

GET INFO on schools by clicking on the map markers to see the school name, address, and access the link to their listing here on our site where you can get more information.

SEE THE SCHOOL LIST by clicking on the sidebar icon in the upper left corner of the map’s gray header bar.  Click that icon again to close the list.