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Middle Tennessee’s sun keeps cookin’ through September, so be ready for outdoor events and sports tournaments — then pack it away for a jump on next season!

Sportbrella Chair DLX | $49.99;
With 360-degree sun protection, this great chair includes lumbar support, two cup holders and a storage pocket.  No more holding your umbrella from your seat!


Multi-Function Rolling Cooler/Table with Chairs | $37.48
This mini, rolling picnic table by Travelers Club makes it easy for little ones to sit down to eat while outdoors. It has a built-in cooler and table sides that fold out. It
also comes with two stools that are attached underneath the table “wings.”














Igloo Ice Cube MaxCold 70 | $59.99 (at
This best-selling cooler gets rave reviews for its design and functionality. It holds 101 cans plus ice and rolls easily for your handsful events on the weekends.




The Shade Wagon | $849;
What’s with that price? The Shade Wagon holds up to 800 pounds and is built with maximum attention to details. The high-quality wood wagon’s front folds down to create a table or seating for two. All-terrain tires and auto steering make hauling a breeze and the 7-foot wind vented tilt-able umbrella protects with SPF 30. Check out the video at the site.


Products reviewed by Kiera Ashford, Susan Day, and Chad Young




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