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There's an art movement going on right under our noses! Free Art Movement Nashville (FAFNSH) — or #FAF, #FREEARTNASHVILLE, #FAMN — where you can go on a treasure hunt for art!

Underneath the noses of the chaotic world of Nashville (and some surrounding cities) you’ll find art. It appears in unexpected places sometimes. However, what you probably didn’t know that there’s a Facebook group called Free Art Movement Nashville (FAFNSH) that encourages group members to “drop” a work of art who, personally, created. On their Facebook description it reads: “Free Art Movement Nashville is a group about sharing your art with the city. F.A.M.N is about making art available for anyone willing to seek it out.” This is a fun way to get excited about art. To even include the kids on the hunts or maybe even creating a wonderful work of art together to share.

You have to be accepted into the group, of which I did. I first watched for several weeks to learn what was going on. Then the rules were re-posted, and I really learned what I needed to do.

This group only allows posts of art that has been “dropped” or that has been claimed. You can’t post anything else on there … just read the rules. Anyway, you watch and wait for someone to say they have “dropped” a piece of art. They provide a photo of what the art looks like and then photo clues as to what city and location it has been hidden in. Then, it’s a treasure hunt race! I’ve seen several instances where people were commenting on a work of art and were pretty much headed right to it at the same time. What fun! I couldn’t wait to make my first drop.

So, I did. One night a painted a special little picture (see above image). I took it to a free, public place where I would think it was easy to find. The kids had fun picking the hiding spot, and we were trying to be discrete about it, too. I took my pics and clues and posted them to the Facebook page with the #FAMN and #FREEARTNASHVILLE. Still, it has yet to be claimed.

Free Art Nashville

They really would like drops to be made on Friday, then you would use #FAFNSH or #FAF, which means Free Art Friday. My kids and I stayed there playing for about an hour. Still no one got it. So, I encourage you not to get discouraged if your art is not claimed. It happens. The funkier the art the better! However, there’s a note of caution, you may find that some will post or “drop” older-age material. There’s not been anything too bad that I’ve seen, but those are covered completely and hopefully noted on the outside package.

Once you find a work of art, you are then asked to hop on social media and use the appropriate # with a pic of your find. That way they know it’s been claimed. Art has also been known to be found by unsuspecting people … with no clue as to why it was left there. So, I put a note with mine saying that if you found it, please use the #s. We shall see if it works.

This all mainly takes place in East Nashville. However, there have been drops made around MTSU in Murfreesboro.

I keep watching and waiting for a drop closer to me so that I (with my kids) may one day be in the race to find the free art.

Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of two rambunctious kids and a new baby!

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