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Let’s face it … we will never get to see the rolling drifts of big, fluffy snow here in Middle Tennessee. We were denied such snow again. So many kids were excited with the prospect of tossing a few snowballs around. Well, since they can’t really have fun with what’s left outside, here’s something you can do inside … snowball fights with cotton balls!

What You Need
Big bag of cotton balls
Determination to pick them all up

What You Do

  1. Give each member a handful of cotton balls.
  2. Hide in one room behind cushions, pillows, chairs, couches, etc.
  3. On your say, start trying throwing them!
  4. You’ll giggle at the idea at first, but once you learn how to get them to go further … the game it ON!

Once you’re done with your snowball fight, you can make a craft with them like this: Let the Snow Fall

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