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Give your kids an authentic old-school experience they’ll love by taking ‘em to see a drive-in movie … and little kids love going dressed in their PJs! The Stardust Drive-In Theatre in Watertown has two screens offering double features nightly — and they’re not old movies, either. You get the first run flicks here.

On our recent visit, we saw the opening night of Jurassic World followed by Pitch Perfect 2. You can roll down your car windows, set your key to accessory mode and turn on your FM dial to tune into the movie’s crystal clear sound, or do like a lot of families and bring a portable radio, lawn chairs or inflatable mattresses for relaxing behind your auto. It’s fun to feel the summer breeze while watching a movie on an outdoor screen against the backdrop of a starry sky and occasional twinkling of fireflies!

Here’s the inside scoop: Get there early! The ticket booth opens at 6 p.m., and cars start lining up by 4 p.m. Regular passenger cars get the first four rows, and staff assigns larger vehicles to rows farther behind. The first movie starts at 8:30 p.m., so bring something fun to do to pass the time. Frisbees and Nerf footballs are good options, or bring along a family game.

The Stardust has a yummy concession stand with reasonable prices (an extra large tub of popcorn is $5, and you can also get made-to-order burgers, pizza, sandwiches, corn dogs, candy and soft drinks). A fresh hot funnel cake is a festive option during intermission between movies. The concession line gets long, which is another good reason to be there early. You can bring your own food and drinks (no alcohol, grills or cooking equipment) for a $6 fee at the gate.

Aside from the actual nostalgic experience itself, our favorite thing about the Stardust is the price. It’s only $7.50 per adult, $6 ages 6 – 11, free ages 5 and younger. Remember, you’re getting two movies for that price!

The Stardust Drive-In is located at 310 Purple Tiger Drive, Watertown. Call 615-237-0077 or visit

Chad Young is the managing editor and arts/entertainment editor for this publication.

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