Summer Safety + FUN

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These summer safety products are sure to help prevent injuries to your child during summer activities like bike riding, sports, swimming and more.

Summer Safety

1. Toddler Indy Neoprene Life Jacket

Hyperlite | | $39.99
This life vest if brightly colored and allows for more arm room. Unlike most life vests, there is not a broad front, but more of an hourglass shape, making it more comfortable for kids and less likely they’ll want to take it off. It features closed sides, front zip, belt with front buckle and a strap for between the legs. Fits toddlers up to 30 pounds.

2. MoGo Flavored Sports Mouthguard

MoGo Sport | | $11.99
It’s not a cookie-cutter mouthguard like everyone has, but uniquely designed to fit around your child’s teeth. Following the instructions, you warm the guard, bite down on the mold, cool the guard and then it stays that shape, fitting properly around the teeth. The yummy flavoring makes for a better taste in the mouth, too.

3. Handlebar Helmet | $19.95 set of two
A simple bike fall could get serious if your child were to get poked by handle bars. Prevent internal injuries by capping the ends of the handlebars with the Handlebar Helmet (pictured above) which provides a rounded, smooth edge — and less chance of injury in the aftermath of a fall. It was invented by a Nashville family after their son was seriously injured from what seemed to have been a typical fall off the bike. Little did they know that they handlebar had poked his stomach and damaged him internally. They’ve created this unique invention in order to help prevent the same from happening to any other children. You can read their full story … with a happy ending … at their website.

4. Bug Smarties Playwear

One Step Only | | Price Varies
Protect your little kids from mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers and more with this innovative clothing line from One Step Ahead and Insect Shield. Tested, proven and EPA registered, items include headbands, hoodies, long sleeve crew necks and roll-up pants in sizes 2T – 8. The first of its kind, repellent is bonded to the fabric and will last through 70 washes.  —sd

5. Bike Lane Safety Light

XFIRE | | $39.99
This bike attachment provides two powerful red lasers that mark the ground allowing the bike rider an appropriate sized bike lane. So, kids coming home from a friend’s house near or after dark can have a safety zone projected on the ground around them making it easier for cars to know where they need to be to avoid an accident.

Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of three.

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