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Make Time for Two!


When a baby is introduced into the family, it’s normal for your first born to feel a bit jealous. There will be times where it seems that all you do is take care of your new bundle of joy. Trust me, to your eldest child, that is all you do. So, it is important to… Read more »

Oldest is Smartest?!


Older children who are born at least two years before the next child are smarter, according to research to be published in an upcoming issue of the Journal of Human Resources. They score higher on math and reading tests than children born closer together. This is a first actual piece of evidence that suggests a… Read more »

He Said Da-Da!


Amongst my 7-month-old’s burst of anger as I was preparing his dinner, he uttered the words … Da-Da! How did this happen? I could clearly see his frustration with being so hungry, seeing me getting everything out — making his bottle, getting the baby food and what-not — all while his 4-year-old sister danced around… Read more »