The Great Outdoors – Why a Garden?

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 • Kids are more likely to eat what they have grown.

• It’s excellent physical activity.

• Kids who grow up with a garden are more likely to have one later in life.

• Gardening can be a needed downtime for busy children and adults.

• The garden is a place of learning — cooking, science, new vocabulary, etc.

• It helps you connect with nature.

• Gardening together can help deepen family connections.

• A garden can help set better eating habits for life.

• It can save you money and deter you from hopping in the car to eat out.

• Excess harvest can be donated to those in need.

• You’ll be able to enjoy some of the freshest and healthiest food.






Green beans

Cherry tomatoes

Green onions

Snow peas



Let your children dig up the carrots and pick that first clump of cherry tomatoes.  It’s an exciting time when vegetables are ready to be picked. Now you can try making delicious recipes with your harvest.


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