Turkey Coasters

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Browsing around Hobby Lobby in Murfreesboro gave me inspiration I wanted to make this simple, Thanksgiving craft. You'll be making several of these turkey coasters in no time flat!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! With everyone already in the Christmas mode, I wanted to take a moment and celebrate Thanksgiving with a special little craft. It came to me while I was browsing Hobby Lobby in Murfreesboro. I came across these cute, simple burlap coasters. There, already done. I didn’t have to make that part myself. As I walked around looking for items to adorn the front of them, I thought to myself, I’ve got an old pair of jeans at home that would be perfect for this. Yep, jeans! So, here’s what happened:

What You Need

  • Burlap coasters
  • Old jeans
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Brown fabric (can be an old shirt)
  • Orange paint
  • Paint brush

What You Do

  1. Cut out leaf-like shapes out of your old pair of jeans. Make sure they’re not too big, so probably about one-inch in size. Move around the pair of jeans to the different colored areas (the worn out areas are lighter, etc.). This will give you different colors of “feathers.” You’ll need three or four.
  2. Fan them out and glue them down onto the coaster.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for about 3 more feathers. Fan them out and glue them down, too.
  4. Cut out a circle from your brown fabric. I lucked out on this because I just made my daughter’s Indian costume for her school play and had some fabric left over.
  5. Glue the circle down in the center along the bottom of the feathers. This is the turkey’s body.
  6. Allow all of the glue to dry.
  7. With your orange paint, give your turkey a beak.

You’re all done. Something simple, not so detailed. As an added option, I used some glitter nail polish and glammed up a few of the feathers. Have fun with it. You don’t have to use jeans, but you don’t want anything too bulky — your cups just won’t sit right on the coaster if you use thick fabric.

Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of two rambunctious kids and a new baby!

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