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Screaming Baby on Aisle 5!

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It happened … again. Not with my oldest this time. Oh, no, no, no. It was my cute, adorable 10-month-old. You say what!?

He did! He threw the biggest, loudest fit I had ever seen in a store — even of my own children or of those from anyone else that I have witnessed — and all I could do was … LAUGH! Almost completely hysterically, too. I know the stocker on the next aisle over was laughing, too.

We had just walked by a toy that he wanted and just grabbed off the shelf. I thought, OK, he can have that one since it was only $1 and it was really the first time ever he had picked his own toy. Well, he had decided to chew on it right away and tore a HUGE hole in it. So, I thought then that the toy was not for him (was still going to buy since he tried to eat it) and nicely took it away from him to put into the basket.

OH, NO!!! You didn’t!?

Yep, I did.

And so starts the temper tantrum I thought only older children would have! I was amazed at first, almost speechless. Then I just started laughing. To top it off, my 4-year-old (who turns 5 soon) started to throw her own fit because we had not gotten to the toys for her age group yet and we were there specifically to get her something.

OK, now the stocker walks by and throws me the most pitiful look I had ever seen … while I was laughing hysterically at my children. I consoled the baby, calmed the bigger “baby” and told my oldest that I had not forgotten about her and that she didn’t need to be throwing a fit because her brother was.

Oh, what a night! Oh, the drama. Toy shopping just takes it out of you, doesn’t it?

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Associate Editor Kiera Ashford talks about her pregnancy and life with her two wonderful — and sometimes crazy — children ages 9 and 5. She is also a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University and native of Murfreesboro.

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