Staff of Two

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As I cleaned the house this morning with the music from Downton Abbey playing in the background, it was hard not to compare life in my log cabin to life in that glorious castle.  I play the role of Lady Edith splendidly (in addition to the role of dressing assistant, gardner, butler, social engagement coordinator, floor scrubber, chauffer, tea fetcher, mail poster, launderer, silver polisher, and animal caretaker). Bert plays the role of Earl rather well (in addition to the role of cook). It was at the moment that I tried to imagine the Earl of Grantham cooking in Ms. Patmore’s kitchen that I suddenly became very tired and changed the music (and sat down for a cup of tea).

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Ann-Marie Hensley is a photographer with a great eye for art. Pictures and Words is a place where she can combine her love for photography and storytelling. Ann-Marie lives in a log cabin in Nashville, TN with her husband, two daughters, the smartest dog on the planet, and a cat that thinks he's a dog. If you can't find her in her log cabin, you can always find her at

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