Visit for Kingergarten Prep

by | is a new initiative of Metro Nashville Public Schools to help your preschooler follow the pathway to kindergarten readiness.

You can get a jump start on getting your preschooler (ages 3 – 5) ready for kindergarten thanks to a new site from Metro Nashville Public Schools. At, you can access PreK lesson plans that will help you teach your little one a variety of things like colors, letters, numbers, shapes, animals, rhyming, feelings, emotions, writing and more. Although the site isn’t meant to replace a formal PreK program, it does aid parents in getting their children ready for the kindergarten classroom, and it’s helpful for homeschool families. There’s a specific section on the site just for kids, too. There are four distinct portals they can enter: The NPT hub lets them play games and watch shows; click on the Nashville Public Library icon to experience talking picture books and “paint” pictures; the National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences offers printable coloring pages, stories, games and songs; and the Children’s Kindness Network lets kids play games with Moozie the cow. It’s all free. Just log on to to sign up.

Chad Young is the managing editor and arts/entertainment editor for this publication.

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