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Pick up a toy, turn around and step on another one. Pick that one up to add to the ever growing pile in your hand … only to fall FLAT ON YOUR FACE and send the toys vaulting through the air.

No, mommy’s not putting on a variety show for you young man! This mom needs hazard pay! Pick up your toys or I’ll put them in the trash!

That seems to work sometimes. Throwing them away — but only if they are broken. I am going to keep a tote next to the trash can. So, each and every time I pick up a toy, that’s were it’s going to be tossed. At the end of the week, I will show my children what’s in there and tell them what I plan to do with them. I will either donate the ones they rarely play with (the older toys) or pack away the new ones for a rainy day. Or until all the other ones have been donated and there’s nothing else left to play with. LOL! Yeah, that’s funny to me. I always feel like I am picking up … all the time. Even with house guests.

I am going to turn this into my resolution for the year. I am going to make our children’s rooms a fun place to play and ORGANIZE! Those low shelves with cubby holes will work great. I can put little boxes in the cubby holes and then a picture of what the general toy is to be in that box on the outside of it. My youngest love to sort as does my oldest, so I can see this turning into a game with them.

Also, the low shelves will make for a great place to store over-sized toys and race-tracks for my little boy. He is always taking them out of his room and plopping them down on the living room table to get a better view of it.

I’ve also noticed that since I have rearranged my own bedroom and the living room, my daughter loves to come play in the little nooks here and there. So, if I just do the same to here room, maybe she will keep her toys in her room, too.

All I know is that I MUST do something … and quick! I don’t want to have to use homeowners insurance to pay for an injury to a guest for them falling over a toy. Plus, maybe friends and family won’t feel so bad coming over anymore. I swear it’s the over crowding of the toys that scares them away. Right? I mean, my crazy, hyper, over-excited children surely are not the blame for no one wanting to come over, right? LOL!

Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of two rambunctious kids and a new baby!

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