Yep, I Sneak Out!

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When it comes to dropping of the kids at Nana’s house, they would always cry and throw fits. We wouldn’t be able to walk out of the door without one of them running right out after us. That is, until we finally got to our senses and came up with a plan!

On our way to Nana’s house, I would start talking to them about where we were going. Explaining that they get to stay and play all day with Nana while Mommy goes to work. I would express to them how much fun they are going to have and even get them to tell me some of the things that they would want to do while they are there. This talk was all fine and dandy, until it came time for me to actually walk out the door. They knew I was going to work, but the thought of being separated from me still upset them. Not that they were scared or anything, it’s just that they didn’t want me to leave. Finally, we decided that Nana would start talking to them or even take them to the back room to play. As they walk away, I would say, “Bye-bye, Mommy’s going to work.” They would respond by just looking back and then back to following Nana to the toy room. Then … I would sneak out!

Once they emerged from the room and noticed I wasn’t there, Nana would remind them that Mommy went to work. The first few times resulted in a few whimpers, but then it started working like a charm.

Now, I would NEVER recommend you sneaking out without saying good-bye, but I totally disagree with the “experts” that say sneaking out is a bad thing. If done right, it actually works out for the both of you. It’s worked so well with us that within a short amount of time, our kids were just fine with us dropping them off.

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Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of two rambunctious kids and a new baby!

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